I am currently working for Rockstar Games as a QA tester while building on my skills and a designer and programmer so that I can keep up with the latest practices and keep myself creative. Working in QA I have learned a lot about the industry and work to further my knowledge whenever I can where ever it may be.

I have a heavy focus on Multiplayer games as it is what I enjoy playing the most, it is why most of my personal projects end up having a multiplayer aspect to them. It also provides the opportunity to play with mechanics of games and passing over some of the responsibility to the player to make a tough environment for their fellow players. I enjoy a range of multiplayer games from PVP like League of Legends, PUBG, Apex Legends; and Cooperative indie games like Humans Fall Flat, Crawl and Overcooked.

I have also had experience within the development environment with assisting on the development of a Magento based e-commerce website ABC Sports, giving me the experience of working in a team and collaborating work with other programmers in a professional environment which I have gotten used to. As well as developing my own website for an American company Golf Sports Outlet using the Shopify platform and simply catering to the companies needs so to fit their look and feel.

I am always keen to gain more experience in many fields of games design and programming and willing to take on any challenge that comes my way.