Extra Ciriculum

I try to find opportunities to further my experience whether it is with programming or with industry, I like to take chances and try my hand at anything which is why I try to attend coding challenges, attend future week lectures, and doing tutorials for software to further my knowledge of IDE’s.

Brains Eden 2017 – Mechanic Panic (Unity, C#) – Runner-up


During Brains Eden I took on more of a mentoring role with the other members of the team, the theme of the event was Give and take. The programming I was doing on the game was mainly on the gameplay aspects of the game and making sure that all the assets came together for the submission within the 48 hours given.

Northampton Coding Challenges

British Hold ’em – Year 3 (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS) – 1st Place

The challenge was to develop a poker game within 48 hours which can be played by one player against an AI (the dealer), the addition of networking is what took the prize and the clean UI design, during this coding challenge I worked heavily on the game engine its self and the UI design mainly with HTML5 and CSS3, I was assisted on the Game engine by Josh while Joseph focused on the network aspect of the project.



WAR – Coding Challenge – Year 1 (ActionScript3) – 1st Place


Working on this I worked on the UI for the game and designing the game while Joseph workings on the Engine for the jam, the length of the jam went over 6 hours and the challenge was to create a card game in this short amount of time.