University Projects

While at University I have participated in 3 group projects all with different aspects of game mechanics at its core, the first was to develop a 2D game of any genre, we made a 2D platformer which involved escaping from a house as a small monster, the second was a 3D open-world combat game, the main mechanics being combat based, and the final project was a coach party game which mirrored aspects of Mario party games. All 3 projects were developed with the Unity Engine, creating a comprehensive understanding of the Engine over the years of developing multiple group projects.

Group project 1 – Gizzm (Fear platformer)


Group project 2 – Ninja vs Pirates (3D combat Game)


Group project 3 – Zodiac Pack (3D Social game)


At University the majority of assignments were individual projects in which I developed a website, an online BlackJack game, a Java program, a variation of a bubble pop game and the last was a spin on the game 1942 by Capcom both in AS3. All of which were challenging in their own way and taught me a lot of programming practices and ways to work around different problems.

Progressing into my second year of University I ventured into much more in-depth programming which I have prior knowledge to such as Object orientated programming, IDE’s like Unreal and the use of programming libraries like OpenGL and the use of GLUT to create a windowing system that creates shapes depending on user input.

BlackJack – a Web-based application

Car Crash – Java-based program


Bouncy Pirates – Bubble Shooter Game

Flying Pirates – 1942 Arcade Shooter Game


Sausage Party – 3D Game Environment based on a movie using Unreal Engine 4

Level 1applicationframehost_2017-02-22_04-35-27 Level 2applicationframehost_2017-02-22_04-36-18

2D Graphics shape maker – C++ based application that creates shapes based off of the input

project1_2017-02-22_04-39-13 project1_2017-02-22_04-40-13 project1_2017-02-22_04-40-33 project1_2017-02-22_04-40-47

UDP & TCP Chat Program – 2 Versions one of the left developed in JAVA and the right in C-Sharp


UDP & TCP Mobile Chat Program with login system – Android Java Implementation ( Java, PHP, and MySQL)

Tower Defence Game – Unity (C#)

This project developed into a pretty sizeable project on its own, it had an upgrade system, waves and currency system all implemented into the final project as well as 3 levels.

Multiplayer Exploration Game – Unreal Engine 4

The main objective of the assignment was to achieve a local multiplayer experience using the Unreal Engine. The project was open to developer take, the creation of this game was the idea that a spooky Forest makes for the best atmosphere to achieve in a small development window as using low lighting effects and fewer assets are possible with this approach.

Ray Tracing Balls – C++/OpenGL

Mobile Drawing Application – Android/Apple implementations (Java/Swift)