Personal Projects

DRIFTY RACERS – Network Multiplayer racing game


I produced this game while at University where I aimed to create a simple multiplayer racing game that can be played by up to 4 racers. It’s a simple game that follows much of the Mario cart driving style although a bit more drifty hence the name, the project was an exercise of scope and time constraint and completed in about a week’s worth of work.

Zodiac Pack – Local multiplayer party game


This game was developed as part of a group project for University where the aim was to create a game with a social aspect, which is why we took the couch party model as it creates a fun and exciting environment with some of the basic principles implemented of multiplayer games such as keeping score and allow players to change their avatar for each party game they play. With it being a party game we decided to make multiple modes to make it a bit more fun and add more replayability value, the game modes we created all had different competitive aspects to them e.g. King of the Hill and win by pushing other players off, a rhythm-based button pressing game and a collecting game mode. All of which game modes held different ways in which the player would win and in turn caters to a wider audience since it was more appealing since it provided players with their favourite types of games.

Ninjas V Pirates – Simple combat game


A very simple a straight forward game which was more focused on world design rather than game/mechanic design. The aim was to create a game that felt like it was secluded in the mountains using visual effects and models to the advantage of the developer.

University Work

At University the majority of assignments were individual projects in which I developed a website based online BlackJack game, a variation of a bubble pop game and the last was a spin on the game 1942 by Capcom both in AS3. All of which were challenging in their own way and taught me a lot of programming practices and ways to work around different problems.

Progressing into my second year of University I ventured into more complex programming practices where I had the opportunity to learn about different development techniques such as Object orientated programming, IDE’s like Unreal and the use of programming libraries like OpenGL.

GeoScraper – Treasure Exploration Game with Inverse Kinematics – Unity 2017.1.1

For my dissertation, I sought to learn about Inverse kinematics in which I developed 2 games of the same model one with Inverse kinematics implemented and the other without. I tested this model by providing users with one version of the game and they would then score their experience and through this method of data research, I found that the games received a better overall score from its users since it felt more “polished” than the one without. The exercise gave me an opportunity to learn about this almost essential implementation in modern AAA titles.


Multiplayer Exploration Game – Unreal Engine 4

The main objective of the assignment was to achieve a local multiplayer experience using the Unreal Engine. The project was open to developer take, the creation of this game was the idea that a spooky Forest makes for the best atmosphere to achieve in a small development window as using low lighting effects and fewer assets are possible with this approach.


Tower Defence Game – Unity (C#)

This project developed into a pretty sizeable project on its own, it had an upgrade system, waves and currency system all implemented into the final project as well as 3 levels.


Sausage Party – 3D Game Environment based on a movie using Unreal Engine 4

Level 1applicationframehost_2017-02-22_04-35-27 Level 2applicationframehost_2017-02-22_04-36-18

BlackJack – a Web-based application

ActionScript3 Games

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